Monday, December 17, 2012

How to make money using your talents

If you have an individual talent, or art, you have to get up, you use this to make a great future for yourself and to take care of yourself.

Popular music stars such as P-Square,D-banj, and Lamide are making waves using their unique talents.

If you can sing, why not write to the list and share it with demo recording label.

If you attract talent, they will register you.

Added to the list and you can start recording your first through a small study to find local recording, music promoter and manager.

Go to the Radio station and talk to them on the spot, got an interview.

Buy slot in your video features a Radio Station and TV station.

Popular TV stations as NTA will charge you a small fee to view your video.

If you can act, you should consider joining Nollywood.

How To Become a Nollywood Star (actor / actress)

You can go to acting school, Adenuga chest PICK school, their website is

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