Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tips for Setting Up a Home Office for Your Real Estate Business

You may have wondered what's so great about real estate. Well, real estate provides a genuine opportunity to make huge profits. It also enables you to work with many fantastic people, and to have a career that involves neither office cubicles nor the nine to five grind.

If you're starting out in the real estate business on your own, and you're a shrewd investor, it's possible that you can avoid working in an office altogether. Instead, make the most of your home by setting up a workspace there.
That's the new American dream, isn't it? The chance to make money while sitting at home in your PJs, sipping orange soda and eating apple pie at three o'clock in the afternoon? To work from a park bench on a beautiful summer's day. Or take your business with you while you travel across the country?
These ideas do sound great. But not working in a conventional office has its drawbacks. Here are a few tips to assist you in making working from home work for you.
1) Dedicate an area in your home as your workspace. It's a very sensible idea to establish a home office space if you are going to work from your house. You really don't want your business calls, conferences and meetings to be continually interrupted by noisy kids and neighbors who have just dropped by to see you. So avoid working from a corner of your living room if you can.
2) Buy a filing cabinet. Paperwork is still a necessary evil. Since there's no chance you're going to be dealing exclusively in digital files, make sure you have someplace to keep all of the documents you really don't want to lose. Because otherwise, they're going to be gone.
3) Keep regular work hours. There are obvious exceptions, but for the most part you're going to want to try and keep regular work hours. Why? Because far too many people miss that first vital key word in "working from home". (That would be the working part.) Neighbors, friends, and family think your time at home is free time in which you're available to them. This means they're going to come knocking. Don't answer the house door or the house phone from (x) to (x) unless it's an emergency. Sooner or later, people will get the message.
4) Decorate your workspace in a way that suits you. You're going to be spending a great deal of time in your home office, as well as possibly meeting clients there. So, it's a great idea to make your home office space streamlined and professional, as well as adding your own personal touches to it. My own preference is for warm colors and wood. When winter comes around, I like to be in a bright room.
5) Make sure you attach an Ethernet cable to your computer. When you're on the move, the best idea is to work on a laptop. When you've picked up the kids from school, however, you don't want to be competing for bandwidth. It's a frustrating experience to find you're halfway through responding to an inquiry, only to lose your information and have to start over.
6) Enjoy the experience! It can be a lot of fun working from home, but not if you're fretting about all the household chores that have to be done. Try to put the laundry and dishes aside for the time being and take comfort in the fact that you have a really great job.

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